experimental concatenative programming language

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About torth

torth (Typed fORTH) is a experimental programming language, going to be designed to check some conceptions, like those:

Long story

At first torth was going to be usual concatenative language. But I have realized that there are enough pure-concatenative languages, so now idea is in using concatenated sentences instead of words, with multiple automatically created stacks and static types. Sentenced are using stacks by design, so you'll be able to put some value here, and take it there. Of course, there would be subsentences, where local stacks would exist, and so on.

One [sub]sentence is basically one logical action, or one logical context change (for example, sentence could start a pack of sentences to pass them somewhere or save them, and not to run'em all right now).

There is a need in rich and powerful object and type system, I have no idea right now how exactly it should look like, but I think duck typing should work well enough. I have heard something about Linear type system, but haven't found much information about it, so I keep searching.

Ideal realization of torth would be very close to natural language on it's syntax. To make that happen, we should create rich vocabulary and syntax engine that would be able to ignore some words or word parts, and to be sophisticated enough to make assumptions in case of typos.

Authors and Contributors

Currently author of torth is @Renha. Some ideas are based on Chuck Moore's conceptions, while code isn't.